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Understanding the Ontario Health Care System


The South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and LHINs across the province not only allocate funding to Health Service Providers across the region (Community Support Services, Hospitals, Long-Term Care, etc.), but also works with each provider to plan, engage, and make decisions at a local level with the goal to improve the health care system for patient, clients, families, and the community at large. To learn more about the health care system in the South East LHIN follow the links below.

  1. Ontario Health Care System
    a. Structure
    b. Action Plan for Health Care
    c. Health Care Professionals / Monitoring Quality of Care
    d. Challenges Facing the Ontario Health Care System
  2. Health Care Providers and Services in the South East LHIN
    a. Primary Health Care Providers (Family Doctors, Nurse Practitioners)
    b. Programs for Specific Health Care Needs
    c. Services to Help People Remain Healthy at Home
    d. Emergency and Hospital Care
  3. South East LHIN Projects and Priorities
    a. Addictions and Mental Health
    b. Alternative Level of Care
    c. Behavioural Support Services
    d. Chronic Disease Management
    e. French Language Services
    f. Health Links
    g. High Risk Seniors
    h. Home and Community Care
    i. Hospice Palliative Care
    j. Hospital Services Project
    k. Long-Term Care Renewal Strategy
    l. Patient Flow
    m. Physiotherapy
    n. Senior Strategy
    o. Transportation

For a full version of the documents above, view Understanding the Health Care System.

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