In 2015, the South East LHIN conducted significant engagement through this website to help inform its Fourth Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP4). Thank you to all those who participated in this engagement process! The findings of this engagement has been incorporated into the IHSP4 to help guide the priorities and projects of the South East LHIN over the next three years.

Your input has help the South East LHIN, hospitals within the region, and other health care partners set our priorities for the next three years, working towards a goal of providing high quality and accessible health care, within a sustainable health care system.

The IHSP4 was presented to the South East LHIN Board of Directors in December 2015 for approval.

The recently published IHSP4 is available now, contact the South East LHIN office at to obtain a print edition.

Female nurse assisting an elderly woman in a wheel chair


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